Welcome to the Piciformes Taxon Advisory Group Website. Already chocked full of information, the site will continue to grow rapidly and provide you with the data you seek. Thanks to those who have contributed information and photographs so far. If you wish to contribute any related materials or photographs please contact: jdegraauw@nashvillezoo.org

The taxonomic scope of the Piciformes TAG is the Order Piciformes.
The Order includes Families:

Indicatoridae (Honeyguides) Lybiidae (African Barbets)
Picidae (Woodpeckers, Piculets, & Wrynecks) Ramphastidae (South American Barbets,Toucans,Toucanets, & Aracaris)
Megalaimidae (Asian Barbets)  

Goals of the Piciformes TAG

  • Increase our impact on habitat and wildlife conservation, through participation, coordination and support of in-situ conservation, research and education programs.
  • Manage selected populations for display, education, research and sustainability by coordination of captive management plans, reducing the need to collect from the wild.
  • Improve husbandry and reproductive success through research and experience and develop written husbandry protocols.
  • Develop firm, cooperative links with professionals in the private sector and work with them to coordinate our husbandry and conservation efforts.
  • Exhibit a diversity of taxa and whenever possible use Piciformes species as subjects to highlight conservation issues.

Structure of the TAG